Meet the Staff: Eleanore Darkbloom
There are a lot of amazing people that make this site what it is. This blog is dedicated to getting to know the staff and the people behind the characters. This week: Eleanore Darkbloom - Leader of the Hunters!

- From : Alyse Leigh


Welcome back to Meet the Staff. Today, we continue to chat with the lovely lemon Management and we have finally come to the end of the list! She might be one of the newest lemon members, but she has been here for a long time. Welcome to the brilliant Eleaonore Darkbloom, our silly but lovely Leader of the Hunters!




Thank you for meeting with me Eleanore :D I really appreciate that you took the time to talk to me. Now, without further ado, let's begin... 


What is the best thing about being the leader of the Hunters? 


I have absolutely loved every single aspect of being the leader of the Hunters so far. If I have to pick just one thing, I would say getting to work this closely with a team who is just as passionate about the site as I am. The grapes are all wonderful people, and I am thrilled to get to work with them. We are a team both IG and OOG and have loads of fun together. 



What is one thing the Hunter's team does that most people on site don't know about?


We help! The Hunter's team is mainly known for reading topics and making sure everyone follows the site rules, and while that is also a great part of the job, we are also here to help any user in need of help. Have any questions about the rules, how to do a topic according to the rules or anything about the site in general? We are happy to help so don't be afraid to reach out!



In your opinion, what makes WoMF a great place to be and why did you want to be apart of the site?  


I was as good as sold as soon as I heard about the site. I have always loved series like The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf, where our seemingly normal universe can get a magical and supernatural twist. When I was offered a job on the site, I simply could not refuse and I'm happy to say I've been part of this amazing community since the beginning. In my opinion, WoMF is something quite special because of its fandom but also because of the people here. Everyone is very passionate about the site and what they do. It's simply amazing to surround yourself with these people!



What is your best tip for making a good topic?  


Though it may seem difficult, it is fairly easy to make a good topic, but I'll gladly give you a few tips! What I like to do is come up with a plot or a general idea of where I am heading before getting started, which can help get the creativity flowing. Adding details and descriptions of the surroundings and your characters thoughts and feelings makes the topic both awesome to read and write. If you are in doubt, you can always take a moment to consider what YOU would have thought or done if you had been in the same situation as your character. Of course, you also have to make sure you follow all the rules, fx. by making sure the first topic entry is at least 3 lines or longer and that you make sure to write in simple past tense, 3rd person narrator. But most importantly, have fun with it! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.


What is the most useless talent you have? 



Hmmm... I have a lot of useless talents, like wiggling my eyebrows or tasting the difference from Cola and Pepsi which is actually very useful, cause you never know when someone might give you a Pepsi instead of a Coke!



What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into believing?  


A friend once convinced me that when you swallow a big bubble of air, you will get hiccups. I, later on, told this to my little cousin, who is still convinced this is the truth.



What is something your friends would consider "so" you?   


Telling a, in my opinion, funny story and end up crying laughing at it myself, before getting to the end. Or just crying while laughing in general. I really laugh at everything and nothing...


Where in the world do you think it is raining right now? 


Right here in Denmark! But I bet you it's might also be raining in New Orleans!

Alyse: What about AFRICAAAAAA?!!?


What is a fact about you OOG and your character IC that most people don't know? 


IG: Eleanore hates singing in front of people, but always sings when there is no one around or when she is in the shower.

OOG: I once fell off a bouncy castle and broke my arm - that doesn't keep me away from them though!



Thank you, Eleanore for taking the time out of your busy schedule and fabulous life to speak to us. It was a joy getting to know you a bit better!


Next week we will be changing things up a little! That's right, we finally going TEAL! (THIS TIME I PROMISE!!)



Written by,

Alyse Leigh & The SoMe Team

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Isla Westwood

Isla Westwood Most lovely person in the woooorld! So lovely to read more about you ♥

Eleanore Darkbloom

Eleanore Darkbloom Ihh this was such a pleasure. Thanks, Aly! AND BLESS THE RAINS IN AFRICA!

Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan ELEEEEE *sends all the love to the wonderful Ele* ♥ ♥ ♥ LOVEEE

Velorina Crane

Velorina Crane Cooll!!

Maximilien Dupont

Maximilien Dupont Yasss momster yasssss!

Maya Beckett

Maya Beckett Why how wonderful!

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