The Puzzle Diaries
Are you in need for your brain to be teased? Good, that's why we're here! Puzzle Diaries is here to help you tease that brain of yours! We're very serious about puzzles, of course.

- From : Natalia Whitchurch


Are you in need for your brain to be teased? Good, that's why we're here! Every two weeks, a Puzzle Diaries will be posted to help you out for your bi-weekly brain teaser! We're very serious about puzzles, of course, puzzles are LIFE. Now of course, puzzling is something to do for fun, so that's what we're going to do! When you send your finished puzzle to Natalia Whitchurch, you'll get a prize and you'll be mentioned in the next Puzzle Diaries!

Before we continue to a brand new puzzle, here are the solutions of the last one! There were two people who have sent me the correct answers, so a big shout-out to Alejandra Roberts and Thomas Lovelace! The gifts will be with you soon! Now, the way the puzzle should've looked for y'all!

And we're already at our fourth puzzle! This week's all about the lovely Stefan Salvatore. He's hungry, but his bloodbag got lost in the maze! Can you help him out? ;)

Now like said above: if you finish your puzzle, send it to Natalia Whitchurch to receive your prize and your pride! ;)

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Aurora Letac

Aurora Letac So cool!!! Yet so many wrong turns XD

Kalli Rena

Kalli Rena Coooooolll!!

Sophia Moore

Sophia Moore So cool! :D

Thomas Dupont

Thomas Dupont Love every edition!!

Skyela Starling

Skyela Starling Amaziiiinnngg!!!

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