Behind the Scenes - Pre Launch Shenanigans (Part 1)
Creating a new site is a lot of work, but along the way, we had a lot of funny moments. Check out some of the silly artwork and jokes the circulated on site before we went live. Today we will focus on the illustrators and you will also learn about the weather in Africa. I promise you, this is something you will not want to miss. This is part 1 of 2.

- From : Alyse Leigh

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Marcus Gilmore

Marcus Gilmore amazing :D!

Elliott Logan

Elliott Logan That mouth for Klaus should have stayed lol I cannot stop laughing at it! Fantastic work everyone this wasan amazing article and I love seeing all the progress :)

Faerynn Rousseaux

Faerynn Rousseaux This is amazing!!! I had so much fun reading it ♥ Good job!

Joseph Westwood

Joseph Westwood It was so much fun! ❤

Eleanore Darkbloom

Eleanore Darkbloom Eeee love this blog! And AFRICAAAA <3

Mari Kang

Mari Kang This was such a good article! Love the behind the scenes stuff!

Étienne Heughan

Étienne Heughan this was a fun read!

Maeriana Achylles

Maeriana Achylles Now Africa is stuck in my head again. ;-; It's so amazing to read this and to see how you guys have drawn everything! I love it. :D ♡

Iain Hepburn

Iain Hepburn I LOVE THIS! YAY TO AFRICA, and eee to the amazing illustrators

Nancy Flynn

Nancy Flynn Wonderful to see this!

Fawn Morisson

Fawn Morisson Ohmygawd lovely to see things like this back. The front box mayhem should be featured too xD

Alisha Williams

Alisha Williams Omg this is amazing! I love it :D

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