A day in the life of... | #002
As you all know, last week we took a peek inside Frankenstein's brain. And I thought, it's time to check in on the person who experiments with all! Frankenstein's (Richard) creator; Vaeris Letac... Be aware that this lady is very skilled with a scalpel.

- From : Thomas Dupont

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Ryisda Jones

Ryisda Jones Cooking isnt the best skill in the Letac family. But good to know I should stay out of her way so sge doesnt use a scalpel on me :p amazing to read about you Vae ♡♡

Aliya Torlen

Aliya Torlen What a great edition again!! You have a great perspective from your drone :D who will be your next victim?

Vaeris Letac

Vaeris Letac Next time I'll throw a scalpel after your drone!!! xD :P

Andrew Beauregard

Andrew Beauregard Interesting... I have to say, other people's lives seem so interesting from your drone's perspective

Aurora Letac

Aurora Letac Hahaha! Yeah, don't let her cook! Or me for that matter. I hope Jarrod and Alex are prepared to take that task!

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