Lumina's Vlog || Mystic Hybernation
Where have all the children gone? It seems like Mystic Falls has gone pretty quiet over the course of last year. Should we be worried about what'll hit us next or be excited about what's to come? Lumina has it all covered and ready to pique your curiosity again...

- From : Thomas Dupont

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Aurora Letac

Aurora Letac Oh, I really do know what it is like to be a new witch, though I do prefer the calm. Just hope it is not a calm before the storm

Thomas Dupont

Thomas Dupont I do have to admit, it has been awfully quiet around Mystic Falls! I wonder what people are up to. I, myself am pretty content with the peace and quiet for once xD It makes me even more curious to butt into other people's business. Great article, Lumi!

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