Meet the Creators of the World of Mystic Falls
Welcome to Mystic Falls! Meet the Founder and Co-founder Joseph and Isla Westwood, the creators of WoMF. Learn more about them and how they came up with the idea for a new site.

- From : Alyse Leigh

Welcome to Mystic Falls, the place where nothing bad ever happens! Our goal is to keep you all up to date with everything that happens behind the scenes on World of Mystic Falls, as well as news from the real world and about the fandom. We are super excited that the site is finally live and that fans of Vampire Diaries and the Originals finally have a place to call home! Together we will create a great and including site, and on behalf of the staff, I would like to thank you for being part of our family <3

A lot of hard work has gone into creating WoMF and a lot is due to our amazing leaders. I took a chat with the Founder, Joseph Westwood and Co-founder, Isla Westfood to learn a little more about them and their idea for the site.



First of all, welcome Isla and Joseph and thank both of you for taking the time to talk to me and the readers. The reason we are all here is of course that yesterday was the big day and WoMF went live *Fireworks*. How does it feel to see your dream come true and for the site to finally be launched?


Honestly, it really is a dream come true. Joseph and I have both put so much work into it, not to mention everyone on the staff! I'm so incredibly proud of everyone and the beautiful site we've created altogether. It feels a bit unreal still. I remember Joe texting me about the launch date and we both hyped like crazy. I'm so excited to see what WoMF will become!

Happy, excited, proud and a bit tired hahaha! Each of us has worked really hard to make this site come true and that was something amazing to do and see. The site was an idea of mine and with the help of everyone, it started to become a real thing. And to see it getting launch is so fantastic, a wish come true.


How did you both come up with the idea to make World of Mystic Falls? And how did you discover the fandom?


Funny story, this was mainly Joe's idea and dream! We, the Westwoods (all four of us), helped set up the concept of a monster academy, before we found out it had to be connected to a fandom. I was, at the time, binge-watching The Originals (before I'd ever watched TVD, bad, I know) and I noticed that our concept and the show had so many things in common, it would require minimal change. In time, it became my dream as well and I'm honestly in love with both TVD and TO now!

To be honest, my first idea was fandom-less to say so, we had to remade it into a fandom from the big boss above so we did put our thinking caps on and soon we had this idea. It had the same layout as our old idea and we knew this fandom would work out.

I knew both series (The Vampire Diaries and The Originals) from tv and Netflix as I've always have been intrigued by the supernatural things.


I am happy it worked out despite the little change in plans.

The readers I am sure are just as eager as I am to get to know you both a bit more. Tell me three things that not many people know about you. Don’t be shy now, you are among friends ;)


Ooh dear, that's a very good question. I'm a bit of a blabbermouth so I'm sure I've got nothing new to tell to people who've known me for a while now.

1. You can wake me up at any given time to serve me pasta. Which is rare because there's hardly anything I enjoy more than sleeping.

2. I listen to One Direction unironically. I can't help it, I just really love their songs shrugs.

3. I enjoy watching crime shows and I get super satisfied when I know who did it before the show reveals it.

Uhmmm.....Ok XD
1) I like to bake....yes really (it even taste good people say!)
2) I am a sucker for accents.....Love other languages/accents.
3) I STILL don’t have my driver license.


I will remember that Joseph when I come visit ;)

You are both a great pair and you work so well together. Perhaps you could tell me, Isla, what is your favorite thing about Joseph?


IG: My favorite thing about Joseph is his incredible love for his family. He might pretend not to care sometimes, but he actually loves his siblings._
OOG: What I love most about Joseph is his heart for the site and its people. He’s so lovely and generous, and he’s been determined since day one to make
WoMF a success. So far, I’d say we’ve succeeded! He’s been my rock through the whole adventure, and he’s a lot more patient than I am. Whenever I need to rant or hype, he’s there for me! I just love him lots :p

This is so sweet. What about you Joseph, what is your favorite thing about Isla?

Out of Game as IG, I know she will have my back. She is so talented, knows what she wants and works hard for the things she believes in. Humble and can put me with both feet back on the ground! And because of her, I do understand the power of a doc document ;)


You are both awesome people and the praise is well deserved. 

Being so wise, what advice would you give to new users who are joining the site?


Explore and have lots of fun! There are so many aspects to WoMF, even I'm not done exploring everything yet. Make wonderful friends and if you're unsure about anything, ask questions! We're always ready to help out and answer any questions you might have!

First of all, have fun! Enjoy the things and discover what you can do, it will be a nice experience! some candy for the Founder aka me ;) (And don’t forget to read the guidelines and rules)


One last question, now that the site is live, what is the next big thing you are looking forward to?


Oh, the next big thing? Honestly, I still have to let it sink in that it actually happened and WoMF is now live! Every day from now on will be new territory and I look forward to every single challenge we might meet along the way! One thing I can state for certain, and that is that there is no person I'd rather have by my side through this adventure than the lovely Joseph!

To interact with everyone and to get to know them. And really looking forward what and how the site will do!


Thank you Isla and Joseph for taking the time to get to know us a little better. The blog will be back next week where we will learn more about the site and the staff behind the scenes.


Written by,

Alyse Leigh & The SoMe Team

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Isla Westwood

Isla Westwood Thank you for the interview Alyse, it turned out wonderfully! <3

Fawn Morisson

Fawn Morisson Great work.. SoMe is so much fun!

Iain Hepburn

Iain Hepburn Love this so much Aly! To our absolutely wonderful leaders, cheers and lots of love♥

Nancy Flynn

Nancy Flynn Awesome post and lovely to get to know you’s

Rylea Sinclair

Rylea Sinclair It was lovely to read this! Thank you for everything ♥

Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan That was such a lovely thing to read! You both are amazing ♥ And what, Isla likes pasta. I could not have guessed xDD And if your baking really tastes good, Joe... i need to see that first hand :P xD

Eleanore Darkbloom

Eleanore Darkbloom Absolutely amazing blog, dearest Aly. And the layout is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to read more ♥ Isla and Joe, you are the perfect pair and the best leaders. Lots of love for you ♥

Osten Ravenswood

Osten Ravenswood So nice to meet you!

Sofia Westwood

Sofia Westwood You guys did an awesome job setting up the site. I am glad to have been part of it since the very beginning. You guys rock! <3

Maximilien Dupont

Maximilien Dupont Thank you for creating this wonderful place! Up to make some new friends and explore the site!

Elliott Logan

Elliott Logan Fantastic article! I cannot wait to see this site progress, it is going to be a blast :)

Arcturus Fellglow

Arcturus Fellglow Amazing Article!! This site is gonna be amazing and am so excited!!

Alois Midford

Alois Midford ♡♡Great to get to know you guys ♡♡

Harmonia Ashford

Harmonia Ashford Congratsssss for the new site :D its amazing <3

Mason Westwood

Mason Westwood You all did such a wonderfull work and I am glad that the site is finally life and that we can meet all these awesome new users ♡

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