Pets of Mystic Falls
An introduction to the different pets you can own on WoMF. This week: GOATS!

- From : Alyse Leigh


We have all seen the many cute walls posts of owners bragging about their pets and it is impossible to not be charmed. Perhaps you own one or several yourself, and hopefully you have remembered to feed them! 
In this blog, we'll be discussing the most popular pets in World of Mystic Falls and why you should buy one! 
This week: GOATS!


Where to buy it: Dobbeltgänger Pets


Prize: Dollar 600 Nickel 6 Penny 5


Description: This goat is very curious and dying to meet you! He might be a bit stubborn, but if you train him, he'll be an amazing pet.   






You have instant bragging rights and automatically become the coolest guy/gal around! Your life must be amazing since only awesome people would ever consider getting a goat ;) 



They make great conversation starters so make sure to mention your goat as often as possible. For example: 
- YOU: “Overcast weather today, isn’t it? I slept in and almost forgot to feed my goats on time!”



Goats are great at Parkour! Baby goats can jump around and do flips when they are only 3 days old! Why not bring your goat along next time you want to scale a building or jump off rooftops. 





Free milk! Goat's milk is both nutritious and healthy. And even better, you will never run out or have to go to the supermarket! 



Male ghosts or wethers can be trained to pull small carts and carry packs. Did you know that a healthy fully grown goat can carry 25% of its body weight comfortably and pull a cart weighing about twice its weight? No more carrying your own shopping bags ;) 




Ever hear of a security goat? Being loyal and people friendly, goats will gladly protect your house or property. Just imagine the surprise of a burglar when they hear bleating rather than a dog's bark. 



No need for a lawnmower when you have a goat around! Overgrown shrubs, weeds, and thick bushes? No problem!




One word: BLLLLEEEEEEAAAAATTTTTTT.... urgh they have huge lungs! 



Not all towns and cities allow you to own goats or have restrictions on size and type. Luckily Mystic Falls allows them but it never hurts to check. 




Make sure your goat does not grow out of its confines and has enough space. If you thought you bought a pygmy and ended up with an alpine goat, then you will find it grow much larger than you would expect. A miniature goat requires a minimum of approximately 135 square feet of romper room space; a standard goat needs twice that, with the square footage multiplied by the number of goats you have. 




Escape proof fences are a must! Goats are sneaky and smart little things that are excellent escape artists. The fence must be 4’ high for mini-goats; 5’ high for standard goats. If you have chosen wire it has to be unbendable and if it is wood, be prepared to change it in a few years since goats love to chew on wood. Also, don't underestimate their ability to jump as the true parkour athletes that they are. 



Goats are born with horns that can cause a few scrapes and bruises. Many have them removed by a vet so they do not hurt themselves or others. Since goats are not the most common pet, you might also have to search a while to find a veterinarian who can check your goat often as they too need medical care from time to time and vaccines.  



Contrary to what a lot of people think - goats are picky eaters. They do not like things that are on the ground or are dirty, so all food should be given in a manger. Sometimes they also get an inclination for flowers so it might be a good idea to keep your prized horses and petunias as far away from them as possible. 



Goat hooves have to be trimmed and clipped often. Giving a goat a manicure is not the easiest thing in the world I tell you! Just catching them is hard enough but making them keep still is another. 




Gardener on why you should own a turtle:

Goats are genius! I don't have to do anymore any more after I got a goat! Although I have gotten some complaints about how my customer's lawns are a bit uneven hmmm.


Nora, the owner of Blinky:

” Blinky will not keep still! He is an endless source of entertainment :D He also keeps me quite fit since I always have to chase after him when he escapes."


Lexicon lives with an old lady called Bertha: 

"I went to this store to get a dog to be my companion and came home with what I assume is a goat. It makes strange noices and doensn't bark so I suspect I was ripped off. Oh well, at least it is soft to pet and keeps me company."



What are you waiting for! Go get your own goat who gives you lots of slobbery kisses! Don't forget to tell us what you name them in the comments! 





Written by,

Alyse & The SoMe Team


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Kia Zayas

Kia Zayas Awwwww

Drake Ramoray

Drake Ramoray GOATS ♡ 2onderful job on the blog! :D

Eleanore Darkbloom

Eleanore Darkbloom You have goat to be kidding me! ;) This blog is amazing!

Ryan Callahan


Mason Westwood

Mason Westwood Omg I want a goat now

Alyse Leigh

Alyse Leigh hahahahahahaha omg forgot to add one of the facts :p thanks for seeing it Fawn :P

Isla Westwood

Isla Westwood Goats are so bloody adorable omg I will take 10! Well done, Alyse <3

Fawn Morisson

Fawn Morisson Awesome... but I do wonder about turtles but hmm...maybe I need guard goats

Natalia Whitchurch

Natalia Whitchurch I TAKE 300! GOATS! Love the blog. <3

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