A day in the life of... | #001
Three shots was needed to begin with this legend of a man. Our very own Richard Dinkleberg. May you scurry away in fear when he approaches you, but ladies and gents, that's what he wants. But is he really the person he says he is?

- From : Thomas Dupont

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Allison Gray

Allison Gray I love this! :D lovely written Thomas

Aurora Letac

Aurora Letac I love this hidden side of you Rich! Can you show me your moves?

Alex Westfall

Alex Westfall Ohhh wonderfull dancing skills Richard ;) Well written Thomas :d I am curious to see more of your work :D♥

Philomena Candor

Philomena Candor O.o who knew Richard's life was every so interesting?

Elizabeth McCartney

Elizabeth McCartney I love it

Richard Dinkleberg

Richard Dinkleberg I knew this dance would entertain you and your little drone... however, next time I will personally guarantee I will be the only one to see said footage ;)

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