The Masked Creature: #001
Hello all! As you may well know by now; I am your new SoMe lead - Pharaoh Ankh. It's been a while since we've had any blogs around here; and I thought I'd kick-start everything off with a little something that's fun! The Masked Creature is a blog that will focus on someone who has given me a song about their character and 3-5 hints as well. It's YOUR job to guess who it is! Hope you all have fun <3

- From : Pharaoh Ankh

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Lumina Pembroke

Lumina Pembroke Oh!!! I wanna know now!

Pharaoh Ankh

Pharaoh Ankh Good luck :P

Aurora Letac

Aurora Letac You are a sweety pie Pharaoh! And I will totally try and guess this masked person!

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