Leigh It Down: How to train and keep a husband
Alyse is back to share her (crazy) amazing advice with you all! Inspired by real-life events, she will help anyone who is struggling to keep their husbands in line ;) You do not want to miss this!

- From : Alyse Leigh

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Fawn Morisson

Fawn Morisson Pssst some points work on wives too

Nathaniel Marlow

Nathaniel Marlow *throws a quick glance at Adalene* Uhhh so... yeh good thing I'm not married.... Yet....

Joseph Westwood

Joseph Westwood *grumble* *hisses* *Uses words that aren't allowed*

Eleanore Darkbloom

Eleanore Darkbloom ALY this is perfect in every single way. I will definitely use this if I ever end up in a relationship with a male figure... Or annoying female who needs to be taught how to behave. Who knows... This was a great read and I laughed several times xD

Noah Ryan


Lilith Daegon

Lilith Daegon omg XD such great advice

Dina Olsen

Dina Olsen *takes notes*

Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan OH MY GOD ALYSE This was so damn funny, I cannot even! But a man is allowed to stare... and touch... and... well.... you can't forbid me to look no matter what, woman! However, I hope Joe won't remember those tips... or I will have a tough time :P xD (But honestly, this made me laugh so much, I want more Leigh it down! Living for the pun anyway xD ♥)

Mason Westwood

Mason Westwood :o omg, such good tips! Now perhaps I can finally have one guy stay! or am I the issue perhaps o.o mmm, still usefull to know then ;) and goodluck ryan and joe :p

Adalene Beaudort

Adalene Beaudort Amazing article! Might use some of these on Nate... 0:)

Azaria Diavolo

Azaria Diavolo amazing article, this is truly something all women could use and full of laughs too!

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