Back to School - Stay Cool!
The summer has come to an end and the school year has just begun. Some are excited while others dread the return of reading, homework, and teachers. On the bright side, you get to at least hang out with your friends again. We have collected some of our favorite memes and gifs that perfectly sum up every emotion going through your mind before the first day of school! Good luck at school, kiddos!

- From : Alyse Leigh



Summer is over and so is your freedom.. ehm.. I mean, it is a new year of possibilities! World of Mystic Falls is in week 1 and you know what that means, TIME TO RETURN TO SCHOOL! Somehow the summer is never long enough and time flies much too fast. Some of you might be happy to finally get back to normal and see all your friends, while others might be a bit less motivated to hit the books once more. Either way, we in the SoMe Team have collected a few memes, gifs and pictures that we hope will make you laugh and also say, "Omg that is sooooooo me!"



First of all, how many of you did not swear that you were done with school and were ready to drop out the last term? Let me guess, parents didn't agree with you? Welcome back, sucker  :P 


Why are there not more thrillers and horror movies about the summer coming to the end and the monster called school coming to get you? Just thinking about school starting is enough to make you want to scream and run away! 
Is it possible to time jump or for parents to just delete the summer holiday? It does seem possible for how else can one da the last day and then suddenly you are back at the first day again! Very mysterious indeed... 
Did you parents your ask what you were gonna wear tomorrow?! 
The dread of what will happen the following day is sure to keep you up late at night. Watch out of you might get night terrors! 
 I have always found that coming prepared is the key to overcoming your nerves and fears. May I suggest some light reading before bed? 
Collective amnesia or witchcraft? Somehow you have forgotten where everything is and the entire school building seems unfamiliar. 
At least someone is happy today even if you aren't. Be happy for your parents who will finally have the house to themselves and get rid of your lazy ass from the couch. 
Your first class begins and history repeats itself like it always does... Why do teachers ever expect the answer to be anything other than NO! 
Even worse, why do they always insist on everyone saying their names out loud and sitting in a semi-circle? It is not your fault that the teacher doesn't know your name! 

Even worse than overly nice teachers are the ones who make threats on their first day. It is almost like they expect you to show up every single day and do everything they say?! Who do they think they are!


But ok ok, be calm and let's try to stay positive. There are some highlights to starting school again... 
ORRRR just stay in denial and pretend it is still the summer vacation

Have a great day, week, semester, year, life and eternity at school kids! And don't forget, school is the best time in your life so.... 

Written by,

Alyse Leigh & The SoMe Team


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Natalia Whitchurch

Natalia Whitchurch Me every September :((((

Joseph Westwood

Joseph Westwood I can relate so much XD

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