A day in the life of... | #004
Goodmorning citizens of Mystic Falls... You'd thought you could get rid of me this easily? Think again. This next one had to be planned very carefully. Yes, I'm letting you take a peek into my love life. Easter might be over, but there are always easter eggs still waiting to be found...

- From : Thomas Dupont

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Thomas Dupont

Thomas Dupont Oh please, those glasses were quite fashionable, no? ;)

Milanio Douchard

Milanio Douchard THOMAS! Why even....I knew you were up to no good with those glasses of yours! And no...I will never sing out loud!

Aurora Letac

Aurora Letac Honestly, I prefer the blue ones. Please tell me if your special delivery service also gives bags of blue?

Lumina Pembroke

Lumina Pembroke Yes! Sing!

Philomena Candor

Philomena Candor O.o red M&M's and I would love to hear your voice sir <3

Richard Dinkleberg

Richard Dinkleberg I mean, the red m&m's are the best out of them all ;)

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