Quiz: Find Your Inner Animal
A curse has turned everyone in Mystic Falls into an animal. Take our quiz to figure out your true animal form!

- From : Alyse Leigh



Earlier this week, the Event’s team gave us the shocking news that a curse has been let loose on the population of Mystic Falls! Despite our animal looks, we luckily kept our ability to speak despite it being a little bit tainted with animal instincts and characteristics.

We in the Social Media team have also fallen under this curse, but we still managed to post this blog before our true animal selves took over and made us go completely wild! To help those along who have yet to pick an animal form, we have created a little quiz that should help you find your inner animal. Note down your answers and send them to Alyse Leigh in a mail and you will receive a message back that will reveal your true form!

Good luck, wildlings <3


Question 1:
My clothing style usually consists of….

A. Vibrant and colorful clothes
B. Neutrals and pastels clothes
C. Mismatched colored clothes
D. Muted and dark clothes

Question 2
My hair is...

A. Long and thick
B. Curly or wavy
C. Neatly cut
D. Straight and sleek
E. Short and spiky


Question 3
I would describe my personality as …

A. Energetic
B. Easy going
C. Careless
D. Passive
E. Dominant

Question 4
Which description is the most fitting to describe your heart?

A. It might be small but it contains a lot of love
B. Shriveled and turned dark by corruption
C. Worn on your sleeve for everyone to see
D. Hidden and includes a lot of secret desires


Question 5
Where would you rather live?

A. By the ocean
B. By a lake
C. In the mountains
D. On a prairie
E. In the desert
F. Close to a forest

Question 6
What is your favorite season?

A. Winter
B. Spring
C. Summer
D. Autumn


Question 7
How could you describe your social skills?/ How social are you?

A. I prefer my own company and I don’t mind being alone
B. I have a small circle of friends and family and I am content with that
C. I love to be around people and enjoy being around my loyal circle of friends
D. I have a large circle of friends that is constantly getting larger
E. I am very outgoing and popular which leads to having several large groups of friends from different places

Question 8
How many siblings do you have?

A. Only child
B. One sibling
C. Two siblings
D. Three or more siblings
E. Too many to count


Question 9
Pick the description that is closest to your ideal day:

A. Doing as little as possible and staying at home
B. Being active and partaking in several outdoor activities
C. Napping as much as possible during the day and being active at night
D. Going on a trip somewhere in order to stay there all day relaxing
E. Being creative or building something to feel accomplished

Question 10
What is your favorite natural element?

A. Earth
B. Wind
C. Fire
D. Air
E. Water


What did you get? Find out by sending your answers to Alyse or comment the letters of your answers below to find out! We will post the answer in either the mail and in the comments below  ;) 




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Alyse Leigh

Alyse Leigh So far we have found: A cat, a hawk, a black bear, a fox, a wolf and a few more ;) Find your true form today!!

Esme Lazuli

Esme Lazuli I love it!! xD

Jayden Nocens

Jayden Nocens We don't get to find out what we are yet? D:

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