Joe's Fun Facts!
Want to know what Joseph knows?! This will be the blog for you!

- From : Joseph Westwood


Joe's Fun facts!

Once in a while I will write down a blog!
And not just any blog...a blog with fun facts about just everything, so I can teach you guys something or you guys can teach me something because you can always send me a mail with an idea for the next blog!

Today's blog will be about...Werewolves!
Shocking right?!

Fact #1:
The word “werewolf” derives from Old English compound “were” (meaning “man”) and “wulf” (meaning “wolf”).

Fact #2:
The link between werewolves and vampires has been ambiguous though. While the werewolves are generally thought to compete with vampires, some Eastern European legends suggest that dead werewolves will be reborn as vampires. The Slavic word “volkodlak” (werewolf) even translates as “vampire” in Serbian language.

Fact #3:
According to most European legends, the werewolf could have been recognized even in his human form thanks to several physical traits such as curved fingernails or unibrow.

Fact #4:
According to Russian lore, children born on Christmas Eve are werewolves!

Fact #5:
The cost of silver for a single 9mm bullet would be about $5.

Well 5 facts to make you smarter and wiser!
I hope you liked them and I am curious which one is your favorite fact or maybe you have one yourself, hit the comment section down below and let me know!

Much Love,

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Thya Gyalong

Thya Gyalong I love this ! It's cool ! :3

Jacalyn Berry

Jacalyn Berry oh, learning time :O

Francesca Dierden

Francesca Dierden Cool blog!

Isla Westwood

Isla Westwood I definitely read that first fact in a Snape voice. Couldn't help myself... This is very interesting :D

Alyse Leigh

Alyse Leigh Ooo this is great Joe ! Always good to learn about your enemy... umm I mean friends O:)

Skyela Starling

Skyela Starling I didn't know these things :O so interesting :)

Kodan Hall

Kodan Hall I love this Joseph. Keep them coming!

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