This or That... Christmas Edition
What would you pick if you had to choose. On both the left and the right, you will find some answers. Pick the ones that work for you and send these to Aurora Letac in a mail!

- From : Aurora Letac

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Poojana Jaganathan

Poojana Jaganathan Christmas tree....Family brunch...Getting gifts...X mas...Birth of Jesus ....12 days of christmas...mistletoe....Santa....Second day of christmas!

Jade Everblack

Jade Everblack Christmas Tree, Family Brunch, Getting gfts, xmas, Birth of Jesus, 12 days of Christmas, Mistletoe, Santa, Second day of christmas

Adalynn Shay

Adalynn Shay Christmas tree, family brunch, giving gifts, Xmas, birth of Jesus,12 days of Christmas, mistletoe, Santa and Christ, second day of Christmas! So much fun!!

Serena Rostro

Serena Rostro I love this edition so much! A: Christmas Tree, Family Brunch, Getting gifts (hehe), X-mas, Birth of Jesus, Advent, Mistletoe, Santa and Second day of Christmas.

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