Don't panic... but EXAM WEEK IS COMING!
It's that time of your again that you all look forward to with such joy and anticipation. That's right, EXAMS! If you haven't started to study yet, here is your chance to pick up some tips and motivation!

- From : Alyse Leigh


It comes every year at the same time and yet, it always sneaks up on us and takes us by surprise. Exams are sneaky little devils that show up when you least expect them and reek havoc on your life! In support of you poor students (who only now realized that we are entering Week 11), we have made this exam special that hopefully will take all your fears away! We will give you terrible tips on how to survive and perhaps give you a laugh along the way. Let's begin! 



First of all, this might be a good question to start with: 


We were not sure of the answer so we sought advice from the smartest people we know, the teachers, staff and random people on the street - they because have street smarts ya know ;) 
This is what they had to say: 
Mari Kang:
"Well, I usually have my week 10 lesson be a review lesson, so if you do the review, you should be prepared for the exam! Reviewing the previous year lessons is also a good idea." 
A barista at a coffee shop: 
"Write super fast and illegal so that the teacher thinks you are very smart. None of what you write has to make sense because no one can read it. If they complain, just say: "It's not my fault, I answered all the questions. Get new glasses." That way they have to allow you a retake when you are better prepared or assume you did really well because you wrote so much! "
Ryan  Callahan: 
"When in doubt about anything, just flip a coin. It as always worked for me and just look at me now! Rich *itch all the way, baby! "
Older man we met outside the Mystic Grill: 
"Don't worry, just be happy. This will be fine, just don't think about the overwhelming sense of doom and how your life will be ruined if you fail and all that, it's all good! It's not like you will flunk out and end up on the streets like me! Ps. Covington Square is already taken so find your own damned place to sleep!"
Althea Demetra: 
“Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. As long as you’re breathing you will be fine. Wait do vampires breathe? Anyway go you!”
Gum chewing teenager: 
"Don't sweat it! Books are so not cool and besides, trying too hard is soooo passe. Just make your daddy pay off your teacher and you get the A without the work. Easy peasy! No work required and more time to perfect your make up skills, because you sure look like you need a bit more practice..." 
Joseph Westwood: 
"Study hard, take your time to read the questions and have an early sleep. AND don't come knocking on my office door because I prob will be howling at the moon! Or on a date with Ryan"
College dude with dreads:
" Always pick C if you are in doubt. Multiple choice questions are the hardest man, but I have this really cool tip that always works! Pick the letter you haven't picked in a while and it is sure to be correct! It's not like a teacher would want to trick you and set all the correct answers to be A, right? "
Isla Westwood:
"Isla's Witchy Wisdom! To succeed in exams, don't be nervous. You've prepared plenty and even if you haven't, there's always google and the library! So either way, you'll pass.  Otherwise, just bewitch the examiner, but you didn't get that from me 
Well, there you have it kiddos! The wise people of Mystic Falls have spoken. I would perhaps be a bit selective with who you listen to, but good luck either way :D
Also, no exam blog would be complete without a few gifs! 
Waiting for it all the begin... 
No matter how much you said you have studied, let's be honest, you didn't actually read the course material, did you?! 
Somewhere in the middle of the exam, you will get a burst of motivation after answering a question you actually know!
(Well, who says you were  actually right but I don't shatter the illusion...ops)
If all else fails, CHEAT! (but don't tell your teachers I said that...) 
Time is up and it is time to hand in your exam. Doesn't it feel liberating to finally return to freedom? And who cares about your class notes now, Burn them!  
Wait... aren't there more than one exam? 
I guess it's time to hit the books again! 
But remember, if you fail, it is not the end of the world. You still have options... sort of... 
But the main thing is, if someone asks you how it went, LIE! No matter what, don't let them see your inner pain! 
All that remains to be said is, HIT THE BOOKS! There isn't much time left, so use your time well. And for god's sake, don' forget to actually take them! I know it is tempting to wait until the last minute and procrastinate, but get started early so it doesn't slip your mind. 



Exams start at 00:01 GMT+1 on Monday 27.08 (tomorrow), and run until Sunday at 23:59 on Sunday 02.09.

You can not do homework during this week.

Do not forget to enroll and buy the items you need to sign up for each class before starting the exams. 

The exams consist of 10 multiple choice questions were you have to have 7 correct to pass the course. 


Good luck everyone and may the multiple choice question be ever in your favor!  

Written by,

Alyse Leigh & The SoMe Team


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Sofia Westwood

Sofia Westwood LOVE THE MEMES

Danae Rousseaux

Danae Rousseaux I love those memes! Thanks a lot!

Virginia King

Virginia King :O

Alena Jones

Alena Jones *screams8

Alena Jones

Alena Jones *screams8

Jacalyn Berry

Jacalyn Berry *panic screaming*

Althea Demetra


Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan All the valuable advice! And yes, don't disturb my dates with Joe... :P

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Lilith Daegon *freaks out* ahaha, good blog post XD

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Thomas Lovelace Winter is also coming

Thomas Lovelace


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