Happy Halloween!
You all know what day it is today... It is October the 31st which means it is HALLOWEEN! Check out the blog to get some last minute costume ideas that will ensure you get loads of candy in your bag ;)

- From : Alyse Leigh


Dear witches, vampires, werewolves, and hybrids.

Our time of the year is finally here again! Use this opportunity to show your true self and blend in with the mortals and mundanes who comically seek to imitate you  kind. Not only will you have the best fangs in town, but you will dazzle them all with how real they look. Imagine how much fun we could have! Dress up (or don't since, let's be honest, you don't need a flashy costume to be scary) and join in the Halloween fun!



I felt it was fitting to include a photo of myself from last year. I went all in on the over dramatic makeup to look like one of those stereotypical "vamps" you see in films. I know, I look quite ridiculous! Anywho, you can imagine the look on David's face later that night when he realized how real my fangs really were ;) Oh these humans are way too easy to fool...  


In the spirit of Halloween, we have made a little guide on how to dress up as the humans do for Halloween. Those humans do love their DIY, which is why all the pictures are costumes that you should be able to make last minute. 

We hope the costume ideas inspire you to pull out your make up and go all in this Halloween! They might not be the scariest, but that is kind of the point - Make them think you aren't dangerous ;) 
Here we go! 
For Mr. Doll Face:
Ekkk, it is bad enough your face can scare people away without adding more arms and legs into the mix!
For the Strange:
Light up the party with this amazing makeup inspired by the show, "Stranger Things" 
For the Last Minute:
Whether you just love Plank from the show "Ed, Edd n Eddy" or you are just unfortunate looking, it doesn't matter. This costume is perfect if you need something last minute. 
For the Fishy: 
People will practically gobble you up if you dress up as a plate of sushi *noms
For the Intellectual: 
How long do you think it will take before someone guesses what you are? Why not go as a QuestionMark and only speak in questions! 
For the Childish:
Did someone just fart?! That's right, dress up as a fart and follow people around all night. It is the perfect rank and you can always blame someone else if they say it stinks ;) 
For the Family-Man:
If you don't get the Disney reference, I am turning you into Ratatouille!
For the Well-Travelled:
These landmark costumes are not only statuesque but show off your geography skills

For the Tech-Savy:
Who doesn't scream and run away in fear every time they see the spinning pinwheel of death on their computer screams? This is too scary for words... 
For the One with all Answers:
This Ouija Board makeup is the perfect costume for the clear-sighted. Amaze those around you with actual predictions and weave your magic on them all. 

For the lazy:
Want to do as little as possible and would rather prefer spening
your Halloween laying down? This is the perfect costume for you! Be a BROOM! 
For the Prom Queen: 
Did you go out feeding and accidentally got some blood stains on yourself? Don't worry about it. Put on a tiara and say you are Steven King's Carrie and no one will lift an eyebrow
For the Royal Mess:
Always dreamed of what it would be like to be born royal? Why dream when you can make it a reality! 
For the fast food addict:
It might seem as if we have french frie(d) our brains when we came up with this idea. But hey, don't be so salty about it!
For the Busy Bee:
Honey, I see you are in a bit of a sticky situation. Do not worry, we have just the perfect costume for you
For the Smartie Pants:
Candy + A stuck up attitude... yeah, you get it ;) We at least thought it was punny...
For the Twisted: 
It takes some
balls to pull this costume off, but hey, if you are willing to give it a spin - then go right ahead!



For the Petlover:
At least it is realistic!  


For the ones who are a little bit crazy:
Dress up as yourself! I know you scream every time you look in the mirror so why shouldn't others have the same reaction? ;) 



Hope you got some new and creative ideas for what to dress up as tonight. If not, there is always next year! 


Have a spooky and candy-filled evening everyone!



Written by,

Alyse Leigh & The SoMe Team


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Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan I'll take that twister outfit... or th e smarties one? mhhh...

Joseph Westwood

Joseph Westwood I like this so much!

Kendra Johnson

Kendra Johnson OOh this is so fun!!

Banned user

Banned user owo very well put together, blog! ahahah. I really super like the sushi... but I love sushi, so. :3

Thomas Lovelace

Thomas Lovelace oml hahahaha I love this so much!!

Eleanore Darkbloom

Eleanore Darkbloom I will definitely go for my scary vampire self and add a bit of blood (definitely fake *cough*) to scare the humans. May the fun begin! ;)

Natalia Whitchurch

Natalia Whitchurch Ooooh maybe Rylynn will agree to get dressed up as family! Not that I have children... uh. I'll go for the Strange! Or myself.. love all the costumes! <3

Mason Westwood

Mason Westwood ooooh so many choices! I like the prom queen, but also fries but the broom aaaah to many choices

Faerynn Rousseaux

Faerynn Rousseaux I laughed way to hard at this!! (cwl) Love these costumes!!!

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