Meet the Staff: Alleria Cavendish
There are a lot of amazing people that make this site what it is. This blog is dedicated to getting to know the staff and people behind the characters. This week: Alleria Cavendish - Head of the Witch Clan

- From : Alyse Leigh


Welcome back to Meet the Staff. Today, we will be chatting with the head of the Witches clan, Alleria Cavendish. She has been with the site from the start and it is clear she has put a spell on us all with her beauty and..... Alleria! I told you to stop using magic to charm people!    




Now that you have decided to behave, welcome, Alleria and thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions. We can't wait to learn a little bit more about you and your unique qualities. So let's begin! 


What is it like to be a witch and what sort of powers do you have?


The best thing about being a witch is that you can do lots of awesome things. Especially Alleria, since she's a super old Druid witch that has basically practiced every way of magic there is and is pretty skilled at a ton of things. Being a witch is great, especially with the rituals that Alleria has since she is a Wiccan. I just love all those little details about it and I've always been interested in the craft myself. Herbs, gems, rituals... It's all amazing!


Why did you choose to be head of the witch coven?


I choose to be head of the witches because it suits me best. I love vampires as well, but I am more interested in all the magical aspects of life. There is much more around you than you might know! Besides that, you can do a lot of things when you are a witch and that really spoke to me. 



 What is one fun fact about yourself that not many people know?  


A fun fact about Alleria would be that she was actually married and had a child, but since she is so extremely old (and most witches aren't like her) she had to carry on her own life while seeing her loved ones disappear.

And a fun fact about me is that I am one of the biggest Johnny Depp fans you will ever see, I think. I have books about him, Funko pops, posters, clothing, phone cases... And of course I have my cup of fan pages, I cosplay him and I know almost every detail of his life. Obsessed? Hm, only a little!



What is a life motto that you / your character goes by?


If I'm honest there is not really a motto in my life or in Alleria's. I never thought about it. I basically live my life and try to enjoy it as much as possible. Perhaps I should find myself a motto...



Your character is quite old. In the many, many, many years he has been alive what is one of her most cherished memories?


She is very old indeed. I would say her most cherished memory is the moment she finally discovered her magical powers. She used to have some troubles with finding her inner magic, even though she knew she was a witch, but at the moment she felt that special spark her life could finally begin. Besides that, she cherishes all the moments she was able to spend with her child and husband and all the current moments she spends with Jacalyn Berry.



What’s the closest thing to real magic in the real world?


The closest thing to real magic is the power you have inside of you. That moment you have studied hard for a test and are not sure if you will pass it, but you convince yourself you will and you totally put your mind to it to be positive. Eventually, you have passed the test and many people won't say it's because of you believing in yourself, but it is. But there are a lot of things magical in this world. Or at least that's what I think. I can find it really magical whenever my best friend and I say the same thing at the same time. As if we are in each other's heads (which I wouldn't wish upon anyone, we are mental!) and know exactly what the other wants to say or do... It's about the little things, you know? Those can be pretty magical if you pay close attention to it. It's not all Harry Potter magic... 



What’s the most useless talent you have?


I am honestly not a very talented person, but the most useless talent I have is that I can move my ears without moving anything else. It's like... Magic! 



What are some small things that make your day better?


Probably coffee, a cigarette, sleep... But also a good book and spending time with my best friend even though we only talk to each other by calling one another. But we can call for hours in a row! If we go to the grocery store or play Pokemon GO together, or one of the other related games. We just aimlessly walk around, get groceries, smoke cigarettes and talk about basically everything! It's ridiculous that we manage to call, what, 6 hours a day? Easily! That moment, calling with her, makes my day instantly better. All the other things don't really matter any more then. We make jokes, have serious conversations and I know she will always be there for me to brighten up my day.



Thank you, Alleria, for taking the time to answer my questions. It was a joy getting to know you a bit better!


Who we will be talking to next time is a surprise so you will just have to wait and see ;) 



Written by,

Alyse Leigh & The SoMe Team

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Sofia Westwood

Sofia Westwood ahhhhh lovely article :D

Virginia King

Virginia King This was a great article! ♥

Isla Westwood

Isla Westwood Amazing work, Alyse! Lovely to learn some more about our amazing Alleria!

Jacalyn Berry

Jacalyn Berry It was lovely to find out more about Alleria! This is a lovely series, I can’t wait to see who is next :O

Nolan Hayes

Nolan Hayes I look good while staring into your soul! I should do that more often. Great article, Alyse! It was an honor to help you create it.

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