The Job Guide: Social Media
Have you wondered what it takes to get a job on site? Or perhaps you are curious about a specific job? Every second week, we will tell you a little bit about the different jobs on site. This week: THE SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM

- From : Alyse Leigh


Hello WoMF, Today’s job guide you’ll get your basic rundown of the Social Media Team! After reading you’ll have laughed a little bit, gotten to know the responsibilities of being on the team, and gained an understanding of what it is that the Social Media Team actually does! You’ll also be able to apply with the format included down below. Included as well will be an interview with the Berry Queen herself!




Being a member of the Social Media Team is a huge honor, and when you join the team, you sign a pact of responsibility, knowing that you are the link between the real world and the site!! (no pressure!) Some of the duties of the social media team include posting to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms as well!! We could be hosting competitions one week, and talking about a ball that happened another!! It’s a large variety of shifting between OOG/ and IG topics, creating articles, coming up with team ideas, and just having a good time in a communicative team; the best part about it, is that all the control is at your fingertips!! You get to make the choices along the way as part of the team, that end up shaping the future of the site itself!




Being a part of the SoMe team is more than a color, it's more than a job. It's becoming a part of a family and I hope to see many of you join it and others!! I'll even post the way to apply below!!


Requirements to be part of the SoMe team!
- 13 years old IRL.
- Have experience and knowledge of social media.
- Have the determination and time to have a job. 
- You are creative and a great team player. 


Your application must consist of:
- The name of all your WoMF users (optional to include for other World of Sites)
- IRL age.
- Experience with Social media. 
- 1-2 ideas for either a competition or a blog post.
- What you feel like, you can contribute with - This can be anything at all from dedication, knowledge about the TO/TVD universe or even a good joke or a fantastic humor :D 


Your application must be sent in an on-site mail to Alyse Leigh with the title:
*Username* - *Social Media Team *. 


You will only hear back if your application is accepted. Be patient and good luck!  




Now some words from our SoMe Queen, Alyse Leigh!! You all know her (some don't) you all love her (ehhh pretty much) and now here she is answering some questions about the SoMe team, so without further ado, let's begin!!


I met with her in her office with nothing but a steady hand, some paper, and a pen. (I actually brought my laptop and typed it up… it's the 21st century… even immortals have to keep up with the times!!)


“What do you expect from all your team members? In terms of Production, and Behavior?” I asked her, eager for her response, although if I had known I'd have to type as much as I did, I would have asked for brief responses!!


Her reply was as such, “My team should be just that - a team. Working together, giving feedback to each other and supporting one another. That is the most important thing for me. Everyone can learn so there is no requirement to be an expert on Social Media to join. It is after all through sharing ideas and helping each other that we grow and learn. I also expect my team member to treat everyone on site with respect and be the positive faces of World of Mystic Falls out into the world on the various platforms. The SoMe team if often the first thing people see and how they learn about the site, so being positive and approachable is key in getting new users to join the site.


In terms of work, I gave my team a choice based on their interests and they are free to focus on whichever subject they want in their blogs as long as it fits with the fandom. Coming up with new ideas is also the most fun, so the sky's the limit when it comes to what you can do as a SoMe berry :D”


“Oh my… so all you need to do is be a nice person, and work hard while having fun!! Woah!! How did you even get into Social Media-ing?” I said after hearing our glorious leaders soliloquy while expecting another one shortly.


"In some ways, I am like my character. I was a social media noob and clueless for a long time. I am however one of the oldies on site so despite being a bit late in making profiles on places like MySpace (yes that was a thing), I still probably joined most social media platforms before most of the younglings on the site. I have to admit that becoming the SoMe leader has made me more active on my own accounts as well and I have semi-rediscovered how fun Instagram and Twitter can be. I am very glad that I am not as clueless as Alyse IG, as she hardly knows what a smartphone is and required help to understand what the internet was until recently.”


“Hmm… that's actually fascinating, that you rediscovered basically what the world functions on these days and that is social media!! Anywho, I've seen a common trend, where the social media team is called Boysenberries everywhere, what kind of mark do you think you'll make on the Boysenberry name?” I asked as I marked this as the final question.


She smiled a bit before answering. “I do love the name Boysenberries and I was recently crowned Berry Queen, a title I am quite proud of. Another thing I am very proud of is that we together have managed to get over 250 followers on both Instagram and Twitter, and that is perhaps our best achievement so far. I also have tried to bring new ideas to the blogs and give the users a peek into what happens behind the scenes with staff and the creation of the site. I hope I will remember as someone who worked hard, engaged her audience and came up with innovative ideas. The berry team is however so much more than just me and all I do is for my team. They deserve just as much appreciation in the way they influence the site and bring their unique touch to the blogs and posts."


Awww :’) I think you just touched my heart there Ms.Berry Queen!! I thank you from the bottom of that thing in my heart that beats non stop for taking the time to do this interview!!


Keep an eye out for my next article ;) hopefully, you'll enjoy what's to come. Until next time!


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Sofia Westwood Ahhhh this is great! Nice work man!

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Joseph Westwood Love it!

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Isla Westwood Ooh this is a very interesting read! Lovely to learn more about the wonderful SoMe team, well done Arcturus!

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Antoinette Bouvier Great work ^-^

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