Meet the Staff: Matthew Lakefield
Every second week you will get to know a new member of staff. This week Antoinette will be speaking to Matthew Lakefield, the Original Hybrid, and leader of the Hybrid clan.

- From : Alyse Leigh


Hello, I am Antoinette Bouvier, and I am here to introduce you to a member of our staff. Or rather, the person behind him a bit, and to get some background info on his character as well. I mean, take one look at him and you wouldn’t even begin to think the man is 645 years old?! Crazy am I right? I can only hope that maybe one day, I can look as good as he does at that age. I mean, I am a vampire, so the whole immortality thing does apply to me as much as it does him. But, the things that affect me can be different for him. Take a look and we will dive deeper into things.
Who is this person you may ask? Well, it’s none other than Matthew Lakefield




Welcome Matthew and thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions and I'm excited to get the opportunity to get to know you better.


What is it like to be a hybrid? Why did you choose to be a Hybrid? And why did you choose to he the Head of the Clan?


It’s awesome to be a Hybrid, I am also the Original Hybrid, hybrids are stronger than a regular vampire, also hybrids can walk into the sun without a cursed object, I can change whenever I want into a wolf, I don't need to feel the pain anymore it causes since the full moon won't affect me anymore, but I didn't choose it tho, I was born as a Werewolf / Witch, but I lost my Witches powers when I became a Vampire, my Werewolf part made me accidentally a Hybrid, there are other Hybrid species but they're rarer, Werewolf / Vampire is more common as a Hybrid.





Your character is quite old. In the many, many, many years he has been alive what is one of his most cherished memories?


I am old since I am the first Original Hybrid in existence, my most cherished memories are to see everything in the world, but I saw everything, means there's nothing to see anymore, was kind of lonely, that's why I decided to become the Head of House, to at least achieve something in my immortal life, or I am not sure if I would make the right choices...


What is a hybrid? What kinds of hybrids are there, for those who don't Know?


Well, the most common Hybrids are Vampire / Werewolf, but there are others, like Heretics, they are Siphoners, witches who don't possess magic of their own, they only can absorb of magical objects or species. Siphoners are an abomination of magic, so they're mostly outcasted of their covens, but the reason they keep their magic when they become a Heretic (Vampire) is that they can absorb their own body, since Vampires are magic species, they can use magic without absorbing, Witches lose their powers since vampires are not created of nature. Hybrids are a made up of 2 breed species, It's also possible to be a Werewolf / Witch hybrid.





What is one fun fact about yourself that not many people know?


IG: I was born as a Witch, but lost my powers when I died...
OOG: I am actually a Wiccan OOC (Modern Witch in real life)


What's one thing that your character cherishes the most?


That I am forever handsome and hot till eternity! ♥


Give me a motto that your character would live by, please.


“Even death has a heart.”



Thank you again for answering all of my questions, I feel like maybe we can become great friends or something. Tune in next week when I interview, the lovely Head of the Vampires, Jacalyn Berry.



Written by,

Antoinette Bouvier & The SoMe Team


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Maximilien Dupont

Maximilien Dupont Amazing article, Antoinette! And isn't my Head of Clan amazing!❤️

Faerynn Rousseaux

Faerynn Rousseaux Awesome article, Antoinette! I loved reading it ♥

Danae Rousseaux

Danae Rousseaux Very interesting to read! Thank you both for that!

Logan Hart

Logan Hart Awesome article!

Antoinette Bouvier

Antoinette Bouvier Thanks ???????? can't wait to do more ????

Arcturus Fellglow

Arcturus Fellglow Yaass Antoinetteeeee!! Nice first article!! ^.^ Can't wait to see many more!! :D

Eleanore Darkbloom

Eleanore Darkbloom Lovely blog, Antoinette! And great answers Mattt! <3

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Isla Westwood Lovely to read and learn more about our lovely Hybrid Head!

Joseph Westwood

Joseph Westwood Well done all!

Juliet Pope

Juliet Pope I really like it!

Elliott Logan

Elliott Logan Awesome article Antoinette! I'm so fortunate to be a hybrid and Matthew is a great leader!

Matthew Lakefield

Matthew Lakefield Thank you very much, i had a blast doing this interview, thank you! ♥

Ryan Callahan

Ryan Callahan Lovely interview you two ♡ Well done and was nice to read :D Looking forward to more :D

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