Pets of World of Mystic Falls
An introduction to the different pets you can own on WoMF. This week: TURTLES!

- From : Alyse Leigh


We have all seen the many cute walls posts of owners bragging about their pets and it is impossible to not be charmed. Perhaps you own one or several yourself, and hopefully you have remembered to feed them! 
In this blog, we'll be discussing the most popular pets in World of Mystic Falls and why you should buy one! 
This week: TURTLES! 


Where to buy it: Dobbeltgänger Pets


Prize: Dollar 130 Nickel 4  Penny 2


Description: The cutest of cutest. Absolutely nothing will top this cuteness. A shy but adorable pet, secretly loves floating around in your sink. Take good care of it! A cute little tutle! They love lettace and other fruit and vegetables, so feed them well and they'll entertain you for days!  






Turtles are cute and nothing beats a turtle smile! (Even if they are rare and sometimes a bit creepy). 



They make for great therapy animals. They are quiet and won't talk back which makes them excellent listeners. You can also stroke their shell all day long and they don't mind. 



Turtles will make you appreciate the small things in life and enjoy each experience to the fullest. Speed is perhaps not their forte but everything they do, they do slowly and it is fascinating to watch. Just look at this guy eating strawberries!




They are exotic and different. Not many own a turtle so feel special and show off your little guy to everyone who visits. 



Turtles have a varied diet and will eat almost anything that is placed in front of them. Of course, veggies and fruit are their favorite, they are not picky and will try anything you give them. 




Turtles are exotic and they are not a conventional pet. Many are fascinated with them, but few actually own a hedgehog of their own.



They come in many varieties and looks. No two turtles look the same and their shells have different patterns. They also vary in size from tiny to ginormous! 




Turtles are shy and you might not be able to get them out of their shell. 



Turtles are very small and only the size of an egg when they are born, but many can grow to be quite large and heavy. Make sure to check what type of turtle you have bought so you won't get any unpleasant or bulky surprises ;) 




They can not produce their own sweat or body heat, so you need to make sure they keep snug and warm in winter. A good tip is to wrap a thermal wrap around them. If you want to hide the wrap, dressing your turtle up in fun dressed and outfits will keep them out of view. 




Turtles can be very active and since they are strong, they tend to be able to go for large distances and even lift themselves over fences! Some pet users also claim that they pets are fond of redecorating and will move the furniture around each day so that they always have a new look when they get home. 



Turtles can become very old so be prepared that you have bought a pet for life and it might even outlive you (if you are not immortal, like me that it). 



Turtles are messy eaters and produce a lot of waste. You have to be prepared for a lot of work and cleaning. Their tanks need extra filtration and space as they require both a pool and a dry place to soak up the warmth. 




Turtles are generally not friendly. They bite, hard. It never a good idea to try to cuddle them or bring them close to your face unless you want a new piercing in your nose. 



Since they are a reptile and exotic, they will need to see the vet often. It is best to be rich or at least date someone with money if you plan on buying this pet. 



Actually, just go see them in the zoo or an aquarium! Much safer and a lot less work! Just look at this dude and how happy he is in his natural habitat... 



Sophia on why you should own a turtle:



Nathalia owns the adorable Atticus:

” Atticus is a monster, which makes me love him even more! "


Jacalyn who owns Scoobie: 

"A turtle is a wonderful pet because he isn't as hyperactive as my other pets, so he is great to relax around! "



What are you waiting for! Go get your own buddy who comes with his own house! Don't forget to tell us what you name them in the comments! 



Oh and some last minute advice...



Written by,

Alyse & The SoMe Team


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Cassandra Smith

Cassandra Smith The turtle and the strawberry were just soooo cute!

Sofia Westwood

Sofia Westwood *steals all turtles* I am confiscating them for.... safety.... precautions... ALYSE IM SOFIA NOT SOPHIA y u mean to me

Natalia Whitchurch

Natalia Whitchurch Oooh... I might buy a taco costume for the lovely Atticus! He'll definitely love me even more! :D

Rayne Caulfield

Rayne Caulfield Aaaah, love this! I want a turtle and dress him up <3

Lilith Daegon

Lilith Daegon So cute!

Valeriu Ardelean

Valeriu Ardelean I told my turtle my name... should I be worried now? :O Great blog, Alyse!

Virginia King

Virginia King I love turtles ♥ loved reading this!

Jacalyn Berry

Jacalyn Berry this only makes me want more... I HAVE A PROBLEM PEOPLE

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